Camping Delight at Big Sur, CA

Motorcycle ride up Highway 1 (aka. PCH) is a pleasurable experience, but adding camping to the experience just perfects it. We were lucky enough to get a last minute camping spot at the Pfeiffer Big Sur camp ground, and the rest is history.

For more photos, you are welcome to visit our Instagram: MySelf, JBL, Rick Poon.

Bikes in Nature

It was great to see our bikes parked at our campsite, seeing them in their natural setting.

First priority, setting up our home for the weekend.

Once our rides were parked and living quarters established, it was time for us to start preparing for dinner.

First, get the charcoal going.


Prime Ribeye Stake and Corn on the Cob.



Not sure why we bought canned corn, but it was delicious!

These enamel bowl and cup from Best Made Co. can’t get any better for camp cooking!

The hand of a master.

The darkness came sooner than we were expecting so we ended up enjoying our beautifully firewood-smoked stake in dark. To our surprise, it was a great pleasure eating under our headlights, which also happened to produce some beautifully lit photos.


Steak and Corn on the Cob looks irresistible.


Such a surprising delight eating under a headlamp.



Quick Video of our Cooking Delight:


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