Southeast Asia Travel Gear Overview

Travel stat of my recent solo trip through Southeast Asia (SEA) is as follows:

1) 54 Days traveled

2) 21 cities/islands in 5 countries (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore)

3) 7,500 KM (4,600 Miles) & 170 Hours on buses, trains, cars, motorbikes, hitchhike!!! (excl. flights to&fro SEA)

Travel Gear-1

ABOVE: I still feel like I took too much. Don’t think I really needed much of the things on there.

Travel Gear-2

ABOVE: Way too much on toiletries. Actually, didn’t need to take anything on here. Everything I needed, including travel size shampoo, toothpaste, and etc are all readily available in Southeast Asia.

Travel Gear-3

ABOVE & BELOW: I think I had the smallest luggage out of any travelers, but somehow I felt I took too much!

Travel Gear-4

For the travel mentioned above, the items I took are as follows:


–  The North Face Patrol 35 Liter

– Lowepro Sling Passport (camera bag)


Canon 5d Mk ii

Canon 35mm f/1.4 L

– USB cable for 5D

– Canon S95 (point & shoot) w/Case

– Chargers for Canon 5d & S95

– Canon Original Strap

– BlackRapid rs-2 Sport Strap

– BlackRapid Case

– Hoya Circular Polarizer Lens

– Tiffen ND Filter

Cullmann Nanomaxx 200T Tripod

– Remote Shutter Release

– Lens Pen

– Blow

– 3x travel bags for camera acessories + hard drive

– Tripod Mount for iPod Touch

– 3x plug adaptor


– Compaq Laptop

– 500GB External Hard Drive w/USB Cables
– iPod Touch 5th Generation 32 GB

– 2x Headphones

– iPod charger cable w/plug adaptor


– Baseball Cap

– 6 pairs of underwear

– 5 t-shirts

– 1x regular shorts

– 1x basketball shorts (for sleeping)

– 1x Convertible Short/Pants

– 1x Flip Flop (not in photo)

– 1x Closed Toe Sport Sandal (not in photo)

– 3x Travel Organizer Bags for Clothes

Other Accessories

– small umbrella

– Sea to Summit Towel

– Bandana Handkerchief

– 1x combination lock

– 2x bicycle cable carabiniere lock

– Ray Ban prescription sunglasses w/case

– Travelrest inflatable pillow

– Eagle Creek wallet

– Nike Sports Wallet

– Blinders

– Ear Plugs

– Ziploc Bags

– Mosquito Repellent

– Leatherman Pocket Knife

– Wire Tape


– First Aid Kit

– Toiletrity Bag


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