Photo Essay: Bac Ha Village

After visiting the Bac Ha Sunday Market, the tour guide took us to the nearby village, where the locals live. It was beautiful to see how simple the lifestyle of these villagers were.

VSCO 2 Lightroom presets were used for all the photos on here. I just got them and thought I’d give it a try. Not a bad result.

Bac Ha Village-1

ABOVE: These buffaloes play a crucial role in the lives of these local villagers. They are essential tools for rice farming, transportation, and food. I heard that once the government provided the locals with tractors for their rice farming but the they returned the machines because they would break down. The locals preferred the buffaloes, because they didn’t break down and were more reliable.

Bac Ha Village-2

ABOVE & BELOW: There are a lot of corn drying at this village so I assumed that they used them for future meals/cooking, but soon learned that they are used to fee the livestock. I love how the corns maintain the beautiful color even when dry.

Bac Ha Village-4

Bac Ha Village-3

ABOVE: Ducks? I’m not sure. But plenty of them wondering around the village.

Bac Ha Village-5

ABOVE: Children at the village playing and minding their own business. I’m sure they are used to random obnoxious tourists walking through their villages and taking photos

Bac Ha Village-6

ABOVE: This is the inside of the clay house that they live in!

Bac Ha Village-7

ABOVE: Basket? Not sure what this was for.
Bac Ha Village-8

ABOVE: Yes, this is a beautiful place, with beautiful things to take photos of, but sometimes you just gotta step back and appreciate the photo-craze tourist, as I am one of them.


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