Photo Essay: Colorful Women of Bac Ha

One thing I couldn’t keep my camera off during my trip to the Vietnamese highlands was the beautifully crafted and colorful dresses of the women. I don’t know how to describe it but everyone of their dresses are unique in their own way. I don’t think my photos do any justice.

Bac Ha Women-1

ABOVE: Group of local ladies minding their own business at the market. I’m sure this is a great place for them to catch up on their week’s gossips, and friendly chats.

Bac Ha Women-2

ABOVE: This young girl was waiting at the center of the market with her mother. I was quite far away when I shot this photo of her, but I guess she managed to see me take this picture. Love her stare filled with emotion.Bac Ha Women-3

ABOVE: Mother with daughter (I’m guessing), out by the market selling fresh fruit/vegetables (I’m not sure what they are). The girls clearly look bored, and probably would prefer to be somewhere else playing.Bac Ha Women-7

ABOVE: More ladies catching up on the week’s gossips and chats.Bac Ha Women-8

ABOVE: One thing I noticed in the highlands of Vietnam is that all the women seem to do the heavy lifting work. Men are off on the sides drinking or smoking bongs, while women do the farming, cooking, shopping, and carrying heavy goods.

Bac Ha Women-9

ABOVE: I think she had a good day at the market today. Was able to get this shot while leaving the market and always great to see someone with a nice big smile.


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